We all have a monkey brain.. Sometimes the monkey is too philosophical.

My office window overlooks the main 120 route in Kohuwela. Across the street from the office building is a small “Florists”. A mere nicer way to mark the professional adobe of an undertaker. Once in awhile I lift my head up from the screen and look afar at the horizon, then inevitably look down at the activities in the street below. Occasionally I see the undertakers hurriedly preparing a coffin or a van parked in front bringing the body of a child or infant. For some this must be a horrific sight. Then I realise: I am not moved by death as much as I am moved by life. However in the same sense the random thought: However, is not life and death simply two faces of the same coin? Hmm.. I try to answer back my own question. I wonder if it is that simple? Death is something that just happens at a point of time, where time ends to an individual. Is it anything more than that? My monkey brain ponders this for awhile and then notices a coffin been loaded into the back of a hearse along with flowers and fake tusks and all those other paraphilia. Hmm… Does not death drive life? Interesting question monkey, I can feel the cog wheels whirring and churning in my head (I better check that). Then the whirring stops in protest for this procrastination masked as philosophical adventurisms. No you middle aged fool. How awful it would be to drive life thinking about death? Death is inevitable, living is an existential reality. Now stop thinking of stupid inevitable, non consequential things as death and go back to work!

The undertaker across the street

Time, always was a hard thing for me. One feels helpless in the knowledge that you are governed by the hands of a clock. That you are not truly free. I am now in the midst of a brutal battle to win back my freedom from the stubborn hands of time. The battle itself inflicts the frustration of “lack of time” to do battle.

The monkey comes into play during a sole relaxed evening with a Double Black in my hand, smooth jazz in the background and the vista of a sunset by the ocean on a rooftop bar. Time, which silly old fool made us aware of it? The monkey is frustrated. It is inevitable isn’t it? There is a passage of something. All possible attempts to disprove it or ignore it ends up proving the same. Something is flowing. Yet, it is almost impossible to comprehend. This abstract notion of some value, some thing moving with no resistance. Is it because of memory? Is it because we record\ perceive a series of events, have knowledge of what our senses tell us? We know the changing states, because we know and remember states as they were. Monkey, you just opened a can of worms, and all I ever wanted to do was enjoy the sunset. You do see the sun moving towards the horizon, Don’t you? It will be dark in a while, it is a change. A passage of something. Monkey! You are impossible. Time is interesting and moving. We know now thanks to Einstein and subsequent experiments, it is also relative. Why did it have to be relative? Then again nothing would make sense if it did not! Did they prove it? They flew an atomic clock while one was stationary on the ground. The clocks were out of synch when the experiment was over. Hmm.. Time you glorious bastard. We know you bend and twist, mocking our senses while teasing our intellect with the knowledge of relativity. What is the purpose of this Monkey? I am no physicist! Let time fly! Right now, the very present, look at the sky and sea on fire, feel that gentle breeze on the cheek. Let time fly in the knowledge of its presence. We need to be present to enjoy life. Anyway, I think this double black is doing its duty: Time is definitely Wibbly Wobbly.Yes, yes.. at the ironic end, we don’t have time to ponder on time. Hey monkey, before we go, do you remember the movie “About Time”? Oh yes, wonderful movie.. wanna fire up iTunes and listen to Il Mondo? :) and then binge watch Doctor Who? Let time fly!

On Time

No No Monkey! We will talk about this later! Let’s get back to work.

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